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Our Services

Sales Support

We don’t just provide phones, we are intentional in making sure we satisfy the basic things you care about in a phone and make sure we are always there whenever you need help.

Product Support

We are ready to assist customers that encounter product problems although GENESYS is a 100% functional &  reliable product we understand customers might come through some handling problems.

App Support

GENESYS services also relate to giving assistance to customers who are having problems on how to relate to some of our apps.  All you have to do is to create a support ticket, we will take it up from there.

We offer a full range of Smartphone Support Services

Phone Diagnosis

Our technical support staff can diagnose your device to know what needs to be done to keep your smartphone in the right condition.

Water Damaged Phone Repair

Was your device dropped accidentally or slobbered on by someone? Did you accidentally throw it in the wash? With us by your side, you have no problem.

L.CD Display Replacement

Broken or damaged screen? We’ve got you covered. Our highly trained technical support staff will replace your LCD display screen with perfection.

Battery Replacement

When your cell phone battery stops holding a charge or needs to be replaced, Need not worry, we are here for you.

Data Recovery

Operating system corruption during software updates? Data lost from your mobile device doesn’t have to be permanent. We can help no matter what the situation.

Ear PhoneJack/Mouth Piece Malfunction

Need to repair or replace a malfunctioning earphone jack or mouthpiece, we are here to support you in respect of that and make sure your device works perfectly.

We don’t just provide after sales support service for OUR GENESYS PHONE Brand

We work on popular phone brands too

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