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1Who is iLand?
iLand Technologies is a technology outfit, design and manufacturing company currently providing android smartphones, accessories and other technology devices targeted for use in developing countries. We bring quality and affordable smartphones to the market
2Where can i get iLand Products?
We have partnered with major distributors and retailers to carry our brand and make it accessible both locally and globally. Visit our distribution page to view a listing of centers to purchase the iLand brand. If interested in becoming a distributor, please submit a Distributor Questionaire
3Will i get adequate support for an iLand Product?
One of our mantra is to provide a great customer experience. With iLand Technologies, you are not just our customer, you are our business.
4I purchased an iLand Product, now what?
To take full potential of your phone, with a data service or wifi available; you will be amazed what you can accomplish with our smartphones. Be rest assured we will support you through the use of your phone regardless or light use or heavy use.
5What does iLand Provide?
iLand Technologies design, develop and manufacture consumer electronic devices. We launched with a quality and affordable smartphone: GENESYS.
6What happens if i have issues with my purchase?
You can contact us through our website or call our customer support center and we will be able to resolve the issue in a timely manner.
7How can i leave feedback on iLand Phones?
You can leave us feedback through our website or through the sales channel carrying our brands.
8How do I configure my 3G/4G connection?
Once you have correctly inserted your SIM card, turn on your device. Your smartphone should automatically detect your SIM card and use the right connection information without any need for further setup.
9Do you have any other Phone?
GENESYS is our first device being introduced. As at the launch of GENESYS, we have fur new models of smartphones ready to be released including the GENESYS II. iLand Technologies plan to release new models every quarter.
10What do I need to install apps on my iLand Device?
iLand offers android OS phones. As such, you will need a google account to download and install apps. You will need to enter details of an existing Google account, or need to create a new account, during the set-up process of almost all Android phones. If you have a Gmail, YouTube or Picasa account, or an account for any of the other popular Google products, you already have the login details you need. Google migrated all of its separate product accounts into a single unified account several years ago. Without a Google account, you will not be able to take full advantage of all the useful apps which are pre-installed on all Android phones, and as it takes just a few minutes to set up an account, it seems silly to make this a problem.
11Some features of iLand GENESYS
The Touchscreen of your device can be even more intuitive than a computer mouse by using certain types of touch gesture. Below are some examples of touch gestures. Double tap the screen to wake up the phone - No need to press any button. To quickly access your internet browser, just write 'e' on the screen. M for quick music access; the list goes on.
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